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Personal LinkedIn Assistance

Struggling to perfect your LinkedIn or resume? Here at LinkedUP we offer one to one help on growing your both to best fit you. We cater to your specific interests and goals. 

Live Lectures with Professionals

We host guest speakers who have reached a high level of success through their LinkedIn efforts. These provide general knowledge in their specific field.

Zoom Business Seminars

Come attend one of our business seminars via zoom for only $30! Subscribers receive this benefit for FREE! 

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If you liked your first LinkedUp session, consider subscribing for additional benefits such as $30 sessions and FREE access to zoom business seminars!

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Check out our social media on the left side toolbar to see what we are all about!  We have both Instagram and, of course, LinkedIn!

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Having a strong LinkedIn is crucial for success in the business enviroment. Here at LinkedUp we specialize in helping people create and edit their LinkedIn specifically to their needs. We offer one one one help as well as group zoom sessions with leading professionals.

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"LinkedUp has helped me grow my professional connections on LinkedIn. My profile now suits me better and has helped me grow my network significantly"

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